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HMT Workshops

The Hold Me Tight Program: Seven Conversations for Building Connection and Overcoming Conflict


Feeling stuck when you argue?

Having trouble communicating with your partner?


All couples have arguments, disagreements, and feel disappointed by the other. Our ability to discuss these moments either brings us closer together or slowly begins to pull us apart.

By learning what makes a conversation successful and being able to recognize where you and your partner get off track, couples can gain the skills to repair old wounds and protect their relationship from further injury, and work together towards a life time of love.

Through couple exercises, video presentations, group discussion, personal guidance, and between session assignments, “The Hold Me Tight Program” will teach you

How to Recognize How Your Conversations Go Wrong:

  • Discover why you and your partner get “stuck” when you argue
  • Identify the “raw spots” of the argument
  • Uncover the deeper issues at play

How To Create New Conversations:

  • That enable you to manage conflict more effectively
  • That build understanding, forgiveness, and trust
  • That create deeper emotional and sexual intimacy
  • That develop practices for a life time of love



Listen In For Free!

Craig Toonder was interviewed on the Self Health Movement Teleseminar. In this interview he discusses some of the basic concept taught in this class. To listen in or download the interview click the link below:


“The Gift of Love: Exploring Connection and Understanding”



Watch Clips From Previous Training

Short clips from the 2012 Hold Me Tight Program are available on Craig’s You Tube Channel, The Couples Connection. To view videos, click the link below:

“The Couples Counseling Channel”




Are you interested in this workshop but the dates are unannounced?

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Please contact me to inquire about scheduling dates.

In order to provide personalized attention, this workshop is limited to 8 couples!

(Contact me if you have any questions or need any further information about this workshop, as well.)


The Hold Me Tight Program is based on the Book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, By Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy.